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Building Community Together!

North Shore Village Network (NSVN) is a non-profit organization that helps Older Adults Age-in-Place with a little help from their neighbors.

Our volunteers support members with everyday activities like transportation, computer assistance and all those little things that we need to get done to Age-in-Place.

We are glad you are here! Please explore the site and reach out to with any questions!

Membership Application Form

Being a Member of Northshore Village Network offers great benefits including the possibility to join a community of like-minded individuals that are interested in Aging-in-Place, participating in social activities and receiving an array of services designed to help members with the most common things members need to live purposefully and autonomously.

Volunteer Application Form

Volunteers are a key component of the Village Model. Helping other Older Adults in the community is a very rewarding experience. Volunteering and helping others is proven to be an effective way to achieve Healthy Aging goals.

New! A Six Month Trial Social Membership! Click the link to the right for more details!

You find the concept interesting but you are not sure if NSVN is a good fit for you? No worries. Just give it a try! Our organization has recently launched a fresh new six month trial social membership that will allow you to see if our services are a good fit for you.